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Désolé mais nous n'avons pas reçu de traduction

Immo Van Middelem is situated at two perfect locations, on the Assesteenweg in Ternat and on the Opperstraat in Liedekerke, which is the reason that a lot of interested candidates daily come and visit us.

Your real estate office has been working since 1988 for almost 26 years, which result in more than 2.650 realisations.

Our biggest trump is to give you a correct estimation of the value of your property. We are a team consisted of sworn estimators for several financial institutions.

Renting/Selling without worrying = Immo Van Middelem = publishing your property in local and national magazines and on several websites, looking for suitable candidates, organising visits, having commercial conferences with customers and that until the realisation of the sale.

We offer you all the certificates for free even as a free calculation of your property. No sale? = No costs!


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