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Heating Allowances

The increase in the price of the energy is particularly difficult to absorb for small household budgets. To limit the inequality, the Federal Government Treasury Department offers a special allowance for heating with oil fuel, petroleum or diesel oil.
The allowance is granted through your Municipality's Public Social Assistance Centre. But not everyone is entitled to it.
There are four categories of people that can apply for such an allowance:

  1. Families that have an annual gross taxable income that is less then € 13,782.42 This maximum amount is increased by a charge of € 2,531.49 per person.
  2. People that are entitled to an enhanced sickness and invalidity insurance grant and that have a maximum annual gross taxable income that is no greater than € 13,782.42, increased by a charge of € 2,531.49 per person.
    • WDROs (widows, the disabled, the retired and/or orphans);
    • long-term unemployed (longer than 1 year) who are older than 50 years of age;
    • beneficiaries of the income guarantee for older people (IGO or GIB);
    • beneficiaries of a disability benefit;
    • disabled children with increased child benefit;
    • beneficiaries of a reintegration income;
    • beneficiaries of social assistance that is equivalent to the reintegration income.
  3. People that are deep in debt and have been granted a decision of admissibility within the framework of joint debt relief or that are being supervised by a debt arbitration service.
  4. People on a low income: people with an annual net income that is not greater than € 23,281.93 (maximum invoice mechanism)

Which heating sources?

Heating sources that are repaid are:

  • domestic fuel oil by lorry;
  • domestic fuel oil at the pump;
  • heating petroleum at the pump;
  • propane gas by lorry.

To receive the contribution

The contribution is allocated to you after you have purchased the fuel. You therefore need to advance the amount of your invoice.
From the date of supply you have sixty days to submit the invoice to the competent department of your Municipality's Public Social Assistance Centre. The Public Social Assistance Centre has one month to respond to your application and a further two weeks to deposit the allocated contribution.
In addition to your invoice you also need to submit various documents that provide documentary evidence of your entitlement to the benefit:

  • For the first and second category:
    • your identity card;
    • a copy of the tax certificate (notice of assessment) for the previous year;
    • documentary evidence of the income of your family (certificates, bank statements, ...) and cohabitants.
    • social identify card (only people that belong to the first category)
  • For people with large debts:
    • your identity card;
    • the decision of admissibility within the framework of a joint debt relief or a certificate from the person that is conducting the debt arbitration.
  • For people on a low income:
    • your identity card
    • the most recent tax certificate (notice of assessment)

How much does the allowance amount to?

The amount of the allowance depends on the type of fuel, the price per litre and the category to which you belong.
To obtain an allowance, the price, including VAT on the invoice must be equal to or greater than:

  • € 0.49/litre for categories 1, 2 and 3
  • € 0.59/litre for category 4

For large quantities of fuel the amount of the allowance varies between:

  • 3 cents and 14 cents per litre for categories 1, 2 and 3
  • 2 cents and 7 cents per litre for category 4

Full information about the allowance can be found on the website www.verwarmingsfonds.be

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