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Natural gas

In Belgium, natural gas is one of the preferred sources of energy for consumers. Although it is still less widely used than oil, natural gas is being chosen for an increasing number of apartment blocks and single-family dwellings.

Since July 1st 2003, the energy market has been fully liberalised in Flanders. In Wallonia and Brussels the liberalization occurred on January 1st, 2007 for both businesses and individuals.



The prosThe cons
  • Good availability in Belgium
  • Moderate installation costs (no tank)
  • Limited maintenance costs (maintenance every 2 years)
  • Excellent calorific value
  • Constantly higher performance of condensation boilers
  • Produces particle-free exhaust
  • Less harmful to the environment than fuel oil
  • A fossil energy, and therefore non-renewable
  • Need to connect to a network

Change in the price of natural gas for domestic use between 2000 and 2005

Annual consumption200020012002200320042005
2 326 kWh17,18€19,84€18,63€19,07€18,90€19,10€
4 652 kWh15,87€18,49€17,25€17,66€17,48€17,16€
23 260 kWh9,41€11,84€10,51€10,78€10,54€11,16€
34 890 kWh8,98€11,40€10,06€10,32€10,08€10,66€
290 780 kWh7,55€9,94€8,58€8,80€8,54€9,48€
Source: Eurostat (via the Federal Energy Department)

Below is a list of natural gas suppliers in Belgium (as at December 31st 2004). This situation is changing since January 1st 2007.

Natural gas suppliers

Accord Energy Ltd---
ALG Négoce--
BP Belgium SA---
City Power SA---
Distrigaz SA
E.ON Ruhrgas AG-
Electrabel Customer Solutions SA
Electrabel SA---
Elektriciteitsbedrijf Merksplas SPRL---
Eneco Energiehandelsbedrijf BV---
Energo SA---
ENI (UK) Ltd---
Essent Belgium SA--
Essent Energy Trading BV--
Gaselys SAS---
Gaz de France
Intergas Energie SA---
Luminus SA
Nuon Belgium SA-
Nuon Energy Trade & Wholesale BV---
RWE Gas Verkoopmaatschappij BV---
Total Gas & Power North Europe SA---
Wingas GmbH-
Source: CREG - Commission for the Regulation of Electricity and Gas,
situation at 31 December 2004

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