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Still the most commonly used energy in Belgium, oil heating has remained economical in spite of recent price increases. However, it faces increasing competition from natural gas.

From time to time, the State offers a reduction in oil heating bills, in the form of a percentage deducted at source. In 2006, this deduction was 17.35% of the amount of the bill, provided that the final price paid was not less than €0.50 per litre.

This type of aid is annual and is regularly adapted to reflect developments in the energy situation. To find out more about this aid, visit the website of the Federal Energy Department.

The prosThe cons
  • No need for connection to a network
  • Can be used anywhere, irrespective of the location of the building
  • Excellent calorific value
  • Tank subject to inspection
  • Responsibility for pollution in the event the tank leaks
  • Annual maintenance
  • Exhaust contains soot

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