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Thermal Insulation

As with the current energy standards, there are two requirements concerning thermal insulation.

  • The overall insulation value of a building must be K45 instead of the current K55.

  • The heat transmission coefficient (the U value) is stricter.

  • To give an example, here are some current (2006) maximum U values:
    • roofs and ceilings: 0.40
    • windows, including frames: 2.50
    • actual glazing: 1.60
    • external walls: 0.60
    • doors and doorways, including the frame: 2.90
    • floors built directly on earth or over a crawl space: 0.40.

We note that the requirements have become much tighter for windows in particular. The use of high insulation glazing is becoming the norm.
In practice, this means that it will be necessary to use glazing with a U value of between 1.3 and 1.1 W/m2K, which is already the case in more than 50% of new homes.