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Types of loans

Have you decided to buy, build or renovate? You will usually need a loan to make your dream come true.

Borrowing capacity

Ok, so you intend to buy. But you have to be able to finance it. Calculate your borrowing capacity.

Credit agents

Bank insurer, insurance broker or credit broker? Who should you apply to for your loan?

Loan-linked insurances

When borrowing such a large sum, you should take some precautions to avoid catastrophic situations.

Interest rates

Fixed or variable? 15, 20 or 30 years? Find here a large number of options and their advantages.

Securities and deposits

Mortgage, outstanding balance insurance, etc.: the lending institution requires several guarantees.

Recovery of liabilities

Do you want to do work on your property while still repaying a mortgage? You have an option here.

Paying off the loan

In some cases, low interest rates may also benefit those who are repaying older loans. Find out more.