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Moving abroad

When you're moving to another country, the whole operation takes on a different scale. The move requires more preparation and costs a lot more. Of course, in this case professional help is essential.

Calling in professionals

When moving abroad, it's essential to hire professional movers. Their experience with this kind of operation and their contracts with removal companies in other countries will ensure that your move goes as smoothly as possible and that all the necessary papers have been obtained in time.

Your belongings will be transported by boat in an airtight container, then taken to your new home by lorry. Other firms, contracted by your removal company in Belgium, will handle the different stages of your container's journey, until it reaches its destination.

Entry fees and vehicles

An entry fee must be paid each time your property crosses a national border. Therefore, draw up a precise inventory of the objects contained in the container.

You should also be aware that transporting a vehicle can be problematic; make sure the vehicle's papers are in order. It is also advisable to check with the embassy of the destination country whether the border guards will request any additional authorisations.

Advice: even if your company is paying for the move, you might want to make inquiries concerning the cost of adapting your vehicle to the local standards in your new country, as well as the time needed to complete the process. It is sometimes more interesting to sell your vehicle before you leave and to buy a new one.

If you decide to take your vehicle with you, don't hesitate to take lots of pictures of it, in order to prove the damage if necessary. And do not forget to make copies of all your documents (title, etc.): they will come in handy if the originals are lost during the transfer.

Storing your furniture in Belgium

If you only plan to move abroad for a short time, it may not be necessary to take all your belongings with you. You might decide to only take the bare minimum, and leave the rest in storage in Belgium.

Renting a storage container offers a number of guarantees:

  • It costs about the same as renting a garage. Allow for between €30 (approx. 8 m3) and €150 (approx. 30 m3) per month.
  • Storage containers are usually guarded.
  • In the event of theft, fire or flooding, the property is insured up to the value of the items in storage and the removal company is fully liable. Therefore, you will be promptly reimbursed for any damage.
  • A complete inventory of the property will be drawn up at the start and end of the contract. Consequently, you can be certain that nothing has been stolen or lost during your absence. Moreover, any theft or loss will be covered by the storage contract and the insurance policy.
  • There is less risk of moisture damage: storage containers are airtight, garages aren't...

Inform your local council

Go to your local council in Belgium and inform them that you're moving to another country. Provide details of the circumstances of your move (temporary or long-term absence, reason for the move, etc.).

Arrange for your mail to be forwarded

The Belgian postal service can also redirect your mail abroad. The DoMyMove and Mutapost packs offer a range of services, from mail redirection to notifying your water, gas, electricity and mobile phone companies of your change of address.

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