About this company

Interoffices powers your business with fully equipped offices and co-working spaces.
They all meet the highest standards in the market - from classy furniture to a top Internet and communication infrastructure and excellent support services.

Our quality offer comes with highly flexible contracts, ranging from 1 day to 9 years. You can always expand or downsize according to your business needs. Moreover, you’ll encounter no hidden costs or unnecessary fees. As a result, you’ll be able to focus on your core business without worrying about long-term office contracts or investments.

But there’s more. Interoffices operates its own Cloud and thanks to our excellent partnerships we can also assist you with legal services, HR, marketing, web hosting, CRM software, accounting & tax services and workshops. Sign up today and get going within 30 minutes!

More information : www.interoffices.com

Address : Kunstlaan 56 1000  Brussel