About this agency

Living Stone was founded in 1993 in Leuven by its current director Koen Hoste.

Since then, Living Stone has grown quickly in terms of number of employees, operating area and services. Living Stone is mainly active in the Leuven-Brussels-Mechelen and Leuven-Tienen-Aarschot triangles. The main branch in Leuven is surrounded by satellite branches in Zaventem, Haacht, Tienen and Mechelen. We have a total of around 20 employees ready and willing to help you.

We believe in specialisation, involvement and quality. In our sales, lettings, newbuild and commercial property departments, you will therefore find a number of personal advisers who have been specifically trained in these activities.
On the one hand, our size means we can guarantee efficient and uninterrupted service provision. On the other hand, the specialisation that permeates our company creates a personal relationship of trust with every owner.

Would you like to know more about our service? Then feel free to contact us on +32 (0)16 60 76 09 or +32 (0)2 252 00 25, or at [email protected] We would be delighted to offer you expert advice and tell you how we bring over 500 transactions a year to a successful conclusion.

Address : Dirk Boutslaan, 30 3000  Leuven

IPI n° : 205.032

Website : www.living-stone.be