Ground floor for sale


3 bedrooms 118 square meters

Immoweb code : 8987680


3 bedrooms
1 bathroom
118 square meters livable space
Floor : 0


Ground floor apartment for sale in Irakleio

Iraklio (center), facade apartment for sale, 118 sq.m., ground floor, bright, built in '63 with renovation in 2000. It has 3 bedrooms, hall, living-dining room, bathroom, separate kitchen, autonomous heating, air conditioning, solar water heater, without utilities and with the possibility of gas connection. Also suitable for mild professional use. The apartment is located in a very good location, in a quiet neighborhood. It is a 3 minute walk from the train station, it is very close to the main square and the market. ???????? (???t??), p??e?ta? d?aµ???sµa p??s??e??, 118 t.µ., ?s??e??, d?aµpe???, ?atas?e?? t?? '63 µe a?a?a???s? t?? 2000. ??a??te? 3 ?/d, ???, sa????-t?ape?a??a, µp????, a?e???t?t? ??????a, a?t???µ? ???µa?s?, ???µat?st???, ???a ?? ?e?µ?s?f??a, ????? ????????sta ?a? µe d??at?t?ta s??des?? f?s???? ae????. ?at?????? ?a? ??a ?p?a epa??e?µat??? ???s?. ?? d?aµ???sµa ß??s?eta? se p??? ?a?? s?µe??, se ?s??? ?e?t????. ?p??e? 3 ?ept? µe ta p?d?a ap? t?? sta?µ? t?? ??e?t?????, e??a? p??? ???t? st?? ?e?t???? p?ate?a ?a? t?? a????.

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