Apartment for sale


2 bedrooms 69 square meters

Immoweb code : 8182397
Immoweb code : 8182397


2 bedrooms
1 bathroom
69 square meters livable space
Floor : 0


The house is on the main port of kalymnos (50 metres) by feet. The f?rst beach is down of the house (80 metres) by feet. The house is 69 sq.m., has 2 small bedrooms , i kitchen , one living room , 1 small WC, and is Furnished. Also has a nice balcony with the best sea view of kalymnos island, because the house is on the hill and is very nice. The house has painted before 2 months , and is clean.The house is Furnished with 1 kitchen, 2 beds, and also has a table on living room. ------------------------------------ ?? sp?t? ß??s?eta? st? ?e?t???? ??µ??? t?? ?a??µ??? (50 µ?t?a) ap? ta p?d?a. ? p??t? pa?a??a e??a? ??t? ap? t? sp?t? (80 µ?t?a) µe ta p?d?a. ?? sp?t? e??a? 69 t.µ., d?a??te? 2 µ???? ?p??d?µ?t?a, ??????a, ?a??st???, 1 µ???? WC ?a? e ??a? ?p?p??µ???. ?p?s?? ??e? ??a?? µpa????? µe t?? ?a??te?? ??a st? ???assa t?? ????µ???, ??at? t? sp?t? ß??s?eta? st? ??f? ?a? e??a? p??? ??a??. ?? sp?t? ??e? ????af?se? p??? ap? 2 µ??e?, ?a? e??a? ?a?a??. ?? sp?t? e??a? ep?p??µ??? µe 1 ??????a, 2 ??eß?t?a, ?a? ep?s?? ??e? ??a t?ap??? st? sa????.

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