Mixed use building commercial for sale


2080 square meters

Immoweb code : 8514604


2080 square meters livable space
Floor : 0


Multi purpose building for sale in Athens

Autonomous building (including a basement around 400sq.m and Groundfloor+6 floors=1580sq.m) quite new and in a very good condition.Main advantages: It is in a walking distance to Acropolis Museum. From the top of the building there is a superb view of Acropolis, as a fact, a roof garden may add substantially to annual revenue. Easy access to the sea (just 5/7 minutes away by car and a bit longer (10-15 minutes by public transportation). Based on the existing study, there is the possibility for 29 studios. The reconstruction costs may be subsidized by 21% due to the according Law for Growth and Development. The relevant application has already been qualified for approval. ??t???µ? ?t???? (p?? pe???aµß??e? ??a ?p??e?? pe??p?? 400sq.m,?s?? e??+ 6 ???f???=1580sq.m ??e??e?t?µata: ???s?eta? se ???t??? ap?stas? µe ta p?d?a ap? t? ???se?? t?? ????p????. ?p? t?? ????f? t?? ?t????? ?p???e? ?p????? ??a st?? ????p??? ?????? p??sßas? st? ???assa (µ???? 5/7 ?ept? µe t? a?t?????t? ?a? ???? pe??ss?te?? (10-15 ?ept? µe ta µ?sa µa????? µetaf????). ?e ß?s? t?? ?p?????sa µe??t?, ?p???e? ? d??at?t?ta ??a 29 st???t??.

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