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Immoweb code : 9389955
Immoweb code : 9389955


1300000 square meters of land
Floor : 0


A rare 130-ha hunting and forest estate, 50 km to the south

This forest tract extends through the preserved areas of GÃtinais-Francais Regional Nature Park, dubbed "a land of a thousand clearings and sandstone", surrounded by market towns and rural villages. The Regional Nature Park has been listed since 4 May 1999. Its originality comes from its contrasting landscapes: woods and forest covering more than a third of the territory are intertwined with farmland, sand and sandstone. The latter can break up the horizon in places where it outcrops. This 130-ha forest tract, shaped like a broad, short rectangular with no enclaves, is predominantly composed of sweet chestnut, young oak and acacia trees. Laid out over slopes and crossed by unobstructed pathways, the entire area has a superb relief, reminiscent of that so particular to Fontainebleau Forest, with the charm of its rocks dotted over the curves and the varying ground levels. SMP not available. The hunting groundsThe relief of these continuous, unenclosed grounds gives them additional character. They provide a game-filled area, frequented by all types of large game. The hunting plan for 2020-2021 included 7 beats 9 roe deer, 1 stag, 2 prickets, 1 doe, 1 fawn, any number of wild boar. The buildingIn addition, a permanent, 3-storey building, spanning approx. 70 m². Water and electricity are not laid on to this lodge. Game butchering facilities outside. Beat stations throughout the grounds. A lake. Easy access. Public right of way: footpaths.

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