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4 bedrooms 163 square meters

Immoweb code : 9168231


4 bedrooms
2 bathrooms
163 square meters livable space


House Evasion CR Q-ZEN

The EVASION CR model is shown here in the farmhouse version. Whether built with a blue stone portico and large gables, or in a farmhouse style (shown), our EVASION CR villa really has a lot of style. Our EVASION CR model is typical of our villas with a convertible upper floor. You will also be able to keep the ground floor bedroom and bathroom and choose an upstairs layout, thus giving you a compromise between a bungalow and a villa. The bedroom and bathroom provided at ground floor level will allow you to put-off fitting-out the upper floor until later, thus significantly reducing your budget. Built brick-by-brick in genuine traditional construction and providing over 160 m2 of useable space, our EVASION CR villa offers unbeatable value for money and lets you experience the joys of living in your own home. You can choose the basic version and fit-out the upper floor yourself in your spare time, or you can choose one of the proposed upper floor layouts, some of which are shown opposite. The upper floor, with an area of over 60 m2 is large enough to accommodate 1 to 4 very comfortable bedrooms. You have the choice of buying the house with a fully finished upper floor, or fitting-out this superb space yourself during your free time. Our representatives would be very happy to present you a large choice of layouts.

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