Castle for sale


5 bedrooms 578 square meters

Immoweb code : 7957120
Immoweb code : 7957120


5 bedrooms
578 square meters livable space
2050 square meters of land


An emblematic, listed, 14th century Gascony castle, with a F

A small village, barely an hour from Toulouse and but 10 minutes from Lectoure (with its market as well as all shops and amenities), is to be found at the foot of an old fortified town, the heights of which ever featuring a castle whose original function was defensive. Local peace seemingly now attained, the tranquillity of the premises has naturally modified the building's original military vocation. The panoramic view on offer from near the castle is captivating courtesy of the pleasant feeling resulting from the sight of valleys, streams and a kaleidoscope of fields and copses stretching for as far as the eye can see. The village is reached via narrow, minor roads, turnings off other, scarcely bigger roads, giving the impression of being isolated and yeteverything is within easy reach. Near the castle, the eye is initially drawn not only by a good quality construction, made of slightly uneven white stone, but also by a row of cypress trees bordering a little French garden, along a narrow street, with healthy boxwood waiting to see what the future might bring. The finishing touches that sometimes approach ostentation, like those to be found on the buildings in the Touraine and Anjou regions, are absent here. Instead, these buildings reflect a much simpler quality, particular to Gascony, which is based on the intelligent use of well-proven techniques used for a clearly defined function. Soberness, effectiveness and solidity do not, however, exclude an attention to appearance, the latter

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