House for sale


5 bedrooms 330 square meters

Immoweb code : 9097586
Immoweb code : 9097586


5 bedrooms
4 bathrooms
330 square meters livable space
360 square meters of land


Detached house for sale in Drossia

Detached house for sale in Drossia. 330sqm on a 360sqm plot. The house consists of 4 different levels of 85sqm. In the basement there is a play room, a maid's room with its own bathroom and facilities. Burner, oil tanks. On the ground floor is the living room with a WC dressing room and further inside the kitchen. On the First Floor A master bedroom, 2 bedrooms with a bathroom for children. On the second floor there is a bedroom with its own bathroom, a living room and a kitchenette. ?????at????a 330tµ se 360tµ ????ped?. ?? sp?t? ap?te?e?ta? ap? 4 d?af??et??? ep?peda t?? 85tµ . St? ?p??e?? ?p???e? play room, ??a d?µ?t?? ?p??es?a? µe t? µp???? t?? ?a? ?? e??atast?se??. ?a?st??a?, de?aµe??? pet?e?a???. St? ?s??e?? ß??s?eta? t? sa???? µe ??a WC ßest????? ?a? p?? µ?sa ? ??????a. St?? ???t? ???f? ??a master bedroom, 2 ?p??d?µ?t?a µe ??a µp???? ??a ta pa?d??. St?? de?te?? ???f? ?p???e? ??a ?p??d?µ?t?? µe t? µp???? t??, sa???? ?a? ??a ?????????.

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