House for sale


4 bedrooms 160 square meters

Immoweb code : 9063763


4 bedrooms
3 bathrooms
160 square meters livable space
400 square meters of land


Detached house for sale in Ekali

EKALI: Detached house 360m2. plot 400m2. Elevated ground floor 120m2 = large living room with fireplace, kitchen, bedroom, bathroom. 1st 120m2 = living room, 3 bedrooms, kitchen, bathroom. Independent semi-basement 120m2 = large living room / play room, kitchen, bathroom, storage, engine room. Built in 1980, autonomous oil heating, paved front and rear and back garden, parking, large terraces, BBQ construction. Ground floor and 1st connected by a large internal wooden staircase. Air conditioning, security door ?????at????a 360µ2. ????ped? 400µ2, ?pe????µ??? ?s??e?? 120µ2=µe???? sa???? µe t????, ??????a, ?p??d?µ?t??, µp????.1?? 120µ2=?a??st???,3 ?p??d?µ?t?a, ??????a, µp???? ??e???t?t? ?µ??p??e?? 120µ2=µe???? ?a??st???/play room, ??????a, µp ????, ap????? ,µ??a??st?s??.?atas?e??? 1980, a?t???µ? ???µa?s? pet?e?a???, p?a??st??t? µp??? ?a? p?s? ?a? p?s? ??p??, p?????, µe???e? ße???te?, BBQ ?atas?e??. ?s??e?? ?a? 1?? e??µ???? µe µe???? es?te???? ?????? s???a. ???µat?sµ??, p??ta asfa?e?a?

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