House for sale


1 bedroom 70 square meters

Immoweb code : 8460044
Immoweb code : 8460044


1 bedroom
1 bathroom
70 square meters livable space
800 square meters of land


House for sale in Evia-Katheni

House for sale in Evia-Katheni, 70sq.m, on a plot 800sq.m. The location is close to Dyrfis mountain, 20minutes from Chalkida, is also close to Steni village and Eria river. The house composes as follows: kitchen, bathroom, living room with fireplace, bedroom and 2 storages. The plot is very big and can build 400sq.m, there is also parking space and many trees. Construction year 1980, renovated: 2018. ?????at????a p??? p???s? st?? ??ß??a-?a?e?o?, 70t.µ., se ????ped? 800t.µ. ? t?p??es?a e??a? ???t? st? ß???? ???f??, 20 ?ept? ap? t? ?a???da, e??a? ep?s?? ???t? st? ????? Ste?? ?a? st?? p?taµ? ???a. ?? sp?t? ap?te?e?ta? ap?: ??????a, µp????, sa???? µe t????, ?p??d?µ?t?? ?a? 2 ap????e?. ?? ????ped? e??a? p??? µe???? ?a? µp??e? ?a ?t?se? 400t.µ., ?p???e? ????? st??µe?s?? ?a? p???? d??t?a. ?t?? ?atas?e??? 1980, a?a?a???sµ???: 2018.

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