House for sale


4 bedrooms 320 square meters

Immoweb code : 8260976


4 bedrooms
4 bathrooms
320 square meters livable space
240 square meters of land
Available date : 07/26/2019


Detached house for sale at Vari-Miladeza, 320 sq.m. in a plo

Detached house for sale at Vari-Miladeza, 320 sq.m. in a plot of 240 sq.m. 4 levels: Semi-basement: Elevated with access to the garden. It can function as part of the house or as an independent apartment. Consists of living room, dining-kitchen, large bedroom, bathroom and wardrobe-room.Ground floor:Elevated consisting of living room, dining room, kitchen, bathroom.A 'Floor: 2 spacious bedrooms, wardrobe-room and bathroom.2nd floor:1 large bedroom, office, bathroom and room wardrobe. The house is in a beautiful and quiet neighborhood, facade in a square. It has a yard with swimming pool, large verandas, elavator, fireplace and awnings, storage room, autonomous heating,Wooden floors,Alarm.Construction 2010. For visit call: 6909446472.?????at ????a p??? p???s? st?? ????-???ade?a, 320t.µ. se ????ped? 240 t.µ. 4 ep?peda:?µ??p??e??: ?????µ??? µe p??sßas? st?? ??p?. ?p??e? ?a ?e?t????e? ?? µ???? t?? sp?t??? ? ?? a?e???t?t? d?aµ???sµa. ?p?te?e?ta? ap? ?a??st???, t?ape?a??a-??????a, µe???? ?p??d?µ?t??, µp???? ?a? ?t????pa.?s??e??: ?????µ??? ap?te???µe?? ap? ?a??st???, t?ape?a??a, ??????a, µp????.A '???f??:2 ?p??d?µ?t?a,?t????pa,µp????.2?? ???f??: 1 ?p??d?µ?t??,??afe??,µp????,?t????pa d?µat???.?? sp?t? ß??s?eta? se ?µ??f? ?a? ?s??? ?e?t????, p??s??? se µ?a p?ate?a.??a??te? a??? µe p?s??a, µe???e? ße???te?, t?a?? ?a? t??te?, ap?????, a?t???µ? ???µa?s?, ?????a d?peda, s??a?e?µ??. G?a ep?s?e??: 6909446472

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