Land for sale


Immoweb code : 7818054
Immoweb code : 7818054


470 square meters of land
€ 1,234.04 m²
Available date : 10/31/2018


????ped? 470 t.µ., st?? ?????, G??f?da p??? p???s? µe pa???aµ??? ??a ?a??ss?? s??te?est?? d?µ?s?? 0.6, ?t??e? 240 t.µ.., e?d????a??-?s??? t?p??es?a µe ?e?dµ?te? µa?????tte?, ?at?????? ??a p?s??a, p??s??? 18 µ, fa?d?? pe??d??µ?? p?? ?a ???e? p?as??, ep???????, pa???aµ??? ??a ?a??ss??, e??a???a, ???t? st?? a????-s??pe?µ???et, ?t?., ?a?? p??sßas? se d?µ?s?a s?????????a ?a? ?e?f??e?a ----------------- Plot of 470 sq.m., in Aigli, Glyfada for sale with panoramic sea view building factor 0.6, builds 240 sq.m., idyllic quiet location with newly built maisonettes, suitable for swimming pool, facade 18 m, wide pedestrian street that will become green, sloping, panoramic sea view, great opportunity, close to the supermarkets and shops, good acces s to public transport and buses

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