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2766 square meters

Immoweb code : 8558878


2766 square meters livable space
Floor : 0


Great investment opportunity !

**DIRECT FROM THE OWNER** - Great investment opportunity in a modern office building located in the Riverside Business Park.
1.096 m² of multipurpose/office space on the ground floor and 1.670 m² of offices on the 1st and 2nd floors. The ground floor has 2 sectional doors and is divisible.
Double glazing and aluminum frames and, for part, airco, plain carpet, false ceilings, false floor and cable trays. Common kitchenette.
Rented to 2 tenants: one, active in the digitalization sector, rents the entire ground floor (1.096 m²) and a part of the 2nd floor (287 m²). The other, active in the health sector, rents the 1st floor (1.096m²).

Indexed rental incom: 297.354 € (current indexed rental income = 265.784 €/yr + expected rental income on the 1 vacant unit = 31.570 €/yr - excluding charges and without taking into account any free rent still in effect at the time of acquisition). Gross Yield : 7,16% (incl.rented vacant units). 43 outdoor parking spaces included.
Part of the 2nd floor (287 m²) is for rent.
Shuttle available from / to Bxl-Midi. Metro 1B La Roue within walking distance. (Ref: Riverside L - Invest 2.766 m²)

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