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House hunting criteria for buyers

For effective house hunting, don't waste time with properties that aren't right for you: draw up a list of criteria, in order of priority, and try to stick to it.

Now you know what your budget is, it's time to get hunting! The most exciting properties aren't on the market for long, so the best approach is to check the ads every day and sign up for Immoweb's free email alert service, so that you are immediately notified of any new properties that are likely to appeal to you. Don't be discouraged if a property slightly over your budget catches your eye, as there is often room for negotiation.

Make a list of criteria, arranged in order of priority: price, size, location, brightness, design, garden, surroundings, proximity to work, shops, schools, transport links, and so on. Here's a comparison tool: simply select from the list of more than thirty criteria those that you want to use to compare the properties you visit.

If there's a neighbourhood that you particularly like, drive around it, keeping an eye out for "for sale" signs. This isn't the most efficient method, but unfortunately, not all vendors place ads on Immoweb, and who knows, you might come across your dream home!
Don't forget auction sales either - you'll find some on our site. You'll need to keep a cool head, but might strike it lucky!

Try and keep a long-term vision: once you've found a property you really like, having to wait a little while before you can move in shouldn't put you off. It doesn't particularly matter if you have to pay another two months' rent when you think of the many years you'll spend in your new home. Added to which, moving is much less stressful if you have a bit of breathing time so that you can organise the move calmly and not start your new life with frayed nerves. The extra time will also allow you to carry out certain jobs that are trickier to do once all the furniture is in (such as sanding and varnishing floors).

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