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Theft insurance

Theft insurance is generally included with fire and contents insurance.

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Fire and water

Fire insurance is not compulsory, although it is often required under real estate agreements:

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Natural disasters

Insurance against natural disasters was introduced on 1 March 2006. Your fire insurance now also covers damage resulting from natural causes, provided that the appropriate government body has declared that your region or town has been affected by a natural disaster.

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A few tips

It's a good idea to take out insurance; it's also important to make sure you are suitably covered. Here are a few practical tips to help you navigate the world of insurance and avoid making mistakes which could prove costly.

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Broker, bank or direct?

In recent years, a problem has emerged for the future policyholder: choosing between bank insurance, brokerage and direct insurance.

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All-in-one or separate insurance?

An increasing number of insurance companies are offering policies which group together several different types of cover. Is this the best solution?

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Avoiding duplication

"Over-insurance" is more common than you may think, as a lot of umbrella policies cover a multitude of risks.

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Proposal or contrat?

When arranging an insurance policy, be careful to distinguish between a "proposal" and a "policy".

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Notarised preliminary agreements

Signing a preliminary sale agreement before a solicitor offers a valuable benefit. The vast majority of solicitors arrange insurance to cover the accidental death of the buyer.

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The ABEX index

Insurance policies and premiums always refer to an index of the Belgian Association of Surveyors, commonly called the ABEX index.