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Role of the solicitor

In the purchase of a property, or in obtaining a mortgage, the intervention of a solicitor can be essential. He should be selected by you, and not recommended by your banker or the seller: one of the solicitor's missions is to defend his client. 

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Tax deduction: mortgage loan

The government has arranged a number of tax breaks aimed at encouraging families to buy their own home. To benefit from these breaks, however, a number of conditions must be met.

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Life insurance

The life insurance premium that you have taken out is taken into account for the deduction for your own and only home if the following conditions are met:

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Protection against fire and burglary

If you protect your personal residence against burglary and fire, you have been able to benefit from a tax reduction since the 2008 tax year. 

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Dwellings let through a social letting office

Any landlord letting one or more dwellings through a social letting office can benefit from a tax reduction for each dwelling if he has them renovated.

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Housing credit

Certain bodies have been set up to help people with modest incomes purchase a property. These bodies are the Housing Funds or Regional Housing Corporations. There are two main ways in which these bodies can help: with mortgage loans and allowances.

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A mortgage is a loan relating to a property. The creditor (bank, insurance company etc.) lends a sum of money to the buyer who gives the building as security. The buyer can keep the building so long as repayment of the loan is guaranteed.

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Credit line

When a credit account is opened, the lender places a certain sum of money at the disposal of the purchaser, who can use this as and when the need arises, e.g. during the building of a new dwelling or during renovation work.

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Loan for works

You may wish to renovate your home, put in a new kitchen or bathroom suite, convert the loft etc. The banks have a specific type of loan for this kind of project: the loan for works (or conversion or renovation loan, etc).

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Bridging loan

You are a homeowner and you want to sell your property in order to buy a new one. Between purchasing the latter and selling the former you can apply for a bridging loan.