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Types de vente

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Conseils pratiques

Profession: Property developer

Generally speaking, the prospective buyer decides to apply to a developer if none of the existing properties visited corresponds to his criteria. Buying a new property under construction then appears a good solution. The property developer is a good solution but what exactly does he??

Conseils pratiques

Role of the solicitor

In the purchase of a property, or in obtaining a mortgage, the intervention of a solicitor can be essential. He should be selected by you, and not recommended by your banker or the seller: one of the solicitor's missions is to defend his client. 


The Breyne Act explained

Here is the full text of the law governing residential construction, the so-called "Breyne Act" (named after the minister who filed it) and its implementing decrees.


The Breyne Act: the implementing decrees

In order to become effective, laws must be transposed into (implementing) (royal) decrees and published in the Belgian Official Gazette. Here is the text of these decrees. They clarify and specify a number of articles of the Breyne Act.

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House hunting criteria for buyers

For effective house hunting, don't waste time with properties that aren't right for you: draw up a list of criteria, in order of priority, and try to stick to it.

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Public sales: terms and conditions

Before putting a property up for sale, the notary drafts a deed covering all the conditions of sale.

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Visit before you buy

The importance of visiting the property, and visiting it again, can't be stressed strongly enough, when you are making a decision as huge as buying a home. This is the time for sharp eyes and a cool head... especially if you've really fallen in love with the place!