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Minor building-permits in Flanders

Not all constructions have the same impact on the landscape. In order to minimise processing time for so-called "minor works", in the Flemish region, some types of work can be performed without planning permission or architect's plans. Such cases are referred to simply as "minor permits".


Compulsory planning information

In Belgium's three regions, new legislation requires certain planning information to be provided when you place an ad or when a property sale or rental agreement is concluded. This additional information is primarily intended to protect those purchasing properties, but also serves as proof of the quality of the property in question.

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Main laws

Here is a non-exhaustive list of the main Articles of the Flemish Decree on Regional Planning (D.R.O.) of 18 May 1999, which is referred to in this section.

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Legal Documents

As well as advertisements, the disclosure requirement applies to deeds of sale and some lease agreements. In addition to the legislation previously in force, both notarised deeds of sale and private sale agreements must now include the following information:

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The Flemish Development Plan, called the "Gewestplan", is a map of all the plots of land in the Flemish Region, labelled according to their land use designation.

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Legal framework

Town planning comes under the jurisdiction of the Regions. Each region passes its own planning laws and regulations and establishes its own Development Plan. To help you find your way around, here's an overview of the different laws in force in Flanders:

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There are three types of permits in Wallonia:

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Subdivision permits

Subdivision consists of splitting a piece of land into two or more separate plots, with a view to building on or selling the newly created plots. Subdivision permits are subject to a series of terms and conditions that must be fulfilled before planning permission can be granted.

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Planning permission

Before starting any building work, you must contact your local planning office to find out whether you need planning permission for your project. Planning permission is required in the vast majority of cases.

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Environmental permits

Environmental permits study the environmental impact of your planned project. There are three categories of permits, depending on the environmental impact of the activities in question.