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Arm yourself against fraud!

From time to time, our customer service receives mentions of surfers who want to draw our attention on ads that seem deceptive and misleading. Some of the impostors even pretend to be an Immoweb employee.

We remind you of some essential rules to make the transaction pass off safely:

1. Be careful with ads which price is too good to be true

2. In case of doubt, don't make any undertaking without having visited the property in advance.

3. Be extra careful when the phone number or the e-mail address of the owner seems strange (wrong phone number, no one answering, no phone number,…

4. Never pay or send money as an advance on the rent or to receive the keys, without having met the owner or his real estate agent first.

5. Be on your guard, especially when asked to do the payment through Western Union or to a foreign bank. These are often anonymous, which makes it impossible to retrieve the beneficiary.

6. Immoweb never acts as an intermediary at transactions between the candidate buyer or renter and the person who placed the ad (real estate agency, notary, owner). Each message claiming the contrary is incorrect.