Appartement à louer

820€ par mois

3 chambres 98 mètres carrés

Immoweb code : 9320416
Immoweb code : 9320416


3 chambres
1 salle de bains
98 mètres carrés habitables
Étage : 3


Apartment for rent in Palaio Faliro

PALEO FALIRO Agia Varvara, apartment 98 sq.m., 3rd, airy, frontage, 3 bedrooms, construction '00, bathroom, open plan living room kitchen, autonomous heating, air conditioning, security door, awnings, unobstructed view, pilot park, renovated , in an apartment building with 4 apartments, 98 sq.m., 28 sq.m., front corner veranda 10 sq.m., rear balcony with new awnings, bakelite wardrobes, bathroom with Dionysos marble bench, autonomy with oil, boiler, loft, elevator with code, night electricity, renovation January 2020, freshly painted, Europa thermal break windows, recliner, screens, external thermal insulation, partial sea view, also available with built-in electrical appliances with plus € 100 / month, cats welcome, no cats area, close to supermarket and bank. ?????? F????? ???a ?a?ß??a, ???f?d?aµ???sµa 98 t.µ., 3?? ???f??, d?aµpe???, p??s??e??, 3 ?/d, ?atas?e?? '00, µp????, e??a?? sa???? ??????a, a?t???µ? ???µa?s?, ???µat?sµ??, p??ta asfa?e?a?, t??te?, ape?????st? ??a, p????? p???t??, a?a?a???sµ???, se p????at????a µe 4 d?aµe??sµata, 98 t.µ., 28 t.µ., µp??st??? ????a?? ße???ta 10 t.µ., p?s? µpa????? µe ?a??????e? t??te?, ?t????pe? ßa?e??t?, µp???? µe p???? ap? µ??µa?? ?????s??, a?t???µ?a µe pet???a??, boiler, pat???, asa?s?? µe ??d???, ???te???? ?e?µa, a?a?a???s? ?a???????? 2020, f?es??ßaµµ???, ???f?µata Europa ?e?µ?d?a??p??, a?????s?, s?te?, e??te???? ?e?µ?µ???s?, µe???? ??a ???assa, d?at??eta? ?a? µe e?t????sµ??e? ??e?t????? s?s?e??? µe s?? 100€/µ??a, de?t?? ??te?, ??? ?a