Appartement à vendre


2 chambres 71 mètres carrés

Immoweb code : 8667481


2 chambres
1 salle de bains
71 mètres carrés habitables
Étage : 2


Amazing renovated apartment for sale 5min from Panormou or A

Amazing renovated apartment for sale 7min from Panormou or Abelokipi metro station with park view! 2nd floor, 71 sq.m, with 2 bedrooms, bathroom, collective gas heating, fitted (Fenix ??lacquers and surfaces) and equipped kitchen (Refrigerator, Oven, Stove, Microwave oven, Elica Cooker, Dishwasher).Fully renovated and equipped bathroom (bench / sink, led mirror, tumble dryer / laundry) with granite tiles 120x60, outlet / balcony in luminaire, electric. water heater. 2 bedrooms with new wardrobes with interior lighting and mechanisms, inverter aircondition, hidden lighting. Living room with kitchen (Hidden Air Condition Inverter 24,000 BTU). Hall with wardrobe / wardrobe / shoe closet. Everywhere ceiling plasterboard ceilings with hidden lig hts (plaster and led) and hidden curtains, energy-efficient aluminum windows with double glazing and screens, oak parquet everywhere outside the bathroom, sockets with USB sockets. With central control / power control card at the entrance. Corner balcony 15sq.m. Construction year 1967m ,renovated 2020. ?atap???t??? a?a?a???sµ??? d?aµ???sµa p??? p???s? 5 ?ept? ap? t? sta?µ? t?? µet?? ?a???µ?? ? ?µpe????p?? µe ??a st? p????! 2?? ???f??, 71 t.µ., µe 2 ?p??d?µ?t?a, µp????, ???µa?s? µe f?s??? a????, e??p??sµ??? (???e? Fenix ???a? ep?f??e?e?) ?a? e??p??sµ??? ??????a (???e??, f?????, f????? µ??????µ?t??, ??????a Elica, p???t???? p??t??). ste???t???? / p???t????) µe p?a????a ??a??t?. ?????? a?a?a???sµ??? ?a? e??p??sµ??? µp????.G???a?? pe??µet???? µ