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5 chambres 234 mètres carrés

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5 chambres
5 salles de bains
234 mètres carrés habitables
Disponible le : 18/07/2019
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Ampelokipoi close to Panormou metro station, Intercontinenta

Ampelokipoi close to Panormou metro station, Intercontinental Brussels Properties has the pleasure to present you a beautiful penthouse for sale in Leoforos Kifisias, 5th floor, 234sq.m, of a building ( dating 60's)wich includes 36 apartments with elevator. The apartment enjoys a beautiful transversal light and is composed as follows : kitchen - large living room with fireplace overlooking west- panoramic terrace 120sq.m - spacious day hall with vestibule -closets - 5 bedrooms very spacious+/25 sq.m, -3 bathrooms - 2 wc also there is a laundry room. Double glazing(2005). Floor covering original parquet / natural stone, gas heating system Owner charges +/- 180-280€ / month. Free of occupants at the signing of the notarial deed. No lease in p rogress. Renovation to plan. Big potential The terrace will be completely repainted by the owner. wonderful view of the city of Athens. Info and visits 6946110662 ?µpe????p??, ???t? st? sta?µ? t?? µet?? ?a???µ??, ? Intercontinental Brussels Properties ??e? t?? e??a??st?s? ?a sa? pa???s??se? ??a pa??µ??f? ?et??? p??? p???s? st?? ?e?f??? ??f?s?a?, 5?? ???f??, 234t.µ., e??? ?t????? (?t?s ?atas?e??? 1960) t? ?p??? pe???aµß??e? 36 d?aµe??sµata µe asa?s??. ?? d?aµ???sµa d?a??te? ??a pa??µ??f? e????s?? f?? ?a? ap?te?e?ta? ap?: ??????a - µe???? sa???? µe t???? µe ??a t? d?t??? pa???aµ??? ße???ta 120tµ - e??????? a????sa µe p?????aµ? - ??e?st??? ?????? - 5 ?p??d?µ?t?a p??? e??????a + / 25tµ, -3 µp???a - 2 wc ?p???e? ?a? p???t????.