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3 chambres 158 mètres carrés

Immoweb code : 9276512
Immoweb code : 9276512


3 chambres
3 salles de bains
158 mètres carrés habitables
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Maisonette for sale in Dafni

The apartment is designed on two levels. The first floor consists of a double height living room and an open space kitchen, a master bedroom with an ensuite bathroom and closet space and finally a WC for guests. Following the design principles, each space is spacious and bright. In addition, balconies have been designed for both the bedroom and the living room. The second level consists of two master bedrooms with an ensuite bathroom. One of the two bedrooms has a 3m2 balcony. ?? d?aµ???sµa ??e? d?aµ??f??e? se d?? ep?peda. ? p??t?? ???f?? ap?te?e?ta? ap? ??a? e??a?? ???? ?a??st???? ?a? ??????a? µe d?p?? ????, e?a master ?p??d?µ?t?? µe e?s?µat?µ??? ???t?? ?a? ???? ?t???ap?? ?a??? ?a? ??a WC ep?s?ept??. ?????????ta? t?? a???? s?ed?asµ?? , ?a?? ????? e??a? e???????? ?a? f?te????. ?p?p?e??, t?s? st? ?p??d?µ?t?? ?s? ?a? st? sa????, ????? s?ed?aste? e??ste?. ?? de?te?? ep?ped? ap?te?e?ta? ap? d?? master ?p??d?µ?t?a µe e?s?µat?µ??? ???t?? st? ?a???a. ?? ??a ap? ta d?? ?p??d?µ?t?a d?a??te? e??st? 3µ2.