Appartement à vendre


2 chambres 97 mètres carrés

Immoweb code : 8508903
Immoweb code : 8508903


2 chambres
2 salles de bains
97 mètres carrés habitables
Étage : 2


Apartment for sale in Galatsi

Apartment for sale in Galatsi, 97sq.m, 2nd floor, with 2 bedrooms, bathroom and a wc, fireplace, a/c, airy with large verandas front and rear, open plan living room-kitchen with built-in appliances 2 bedrooms, internal storage, laundry closet, bioethanol fireplace, storage in the basement, underground parking, bright on a quiet street in Galatsi Psychiko border. It is for sale and furnished. Built in 2002. ???e?ta? d?aµ???sµa 97tµ ?t?? ?atas?e??? 2002, 2?? ???f??, d?aµpe??? µe µe???e? ße???te? µp???-p?s? ?a? t??te?, µp????, WC, e??a?? sa????-??????a µe e?t??????µe?e? s?s?e??? 2 ?p??d?µ?t?a, es?te???? ap?????, ?t????pa laundry, t???? ß??a??a?????, a?t???µ? ???µa?s?, air condition, ap????? st? ?p??e??, ?p??e?? parking, se ?s??? d??µ? st? Ga?? ts? s????a ???????. ???e?ta? ?a? ep?p??µ???.