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2 chambres 77 mètres carrés

Immoweb code : 9057627
Immoweb code : 9057627


2 chambres
2 salles de bains
77 mètres carrés habitables
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Apartment for sale in Glyfada,80 meters from Glyfada Beach.

Apartment for sale in Glyfada,80 meters from Glyfada Beach. 1 minute walking to Metaxa road(commercial center of Glyfada). The property: 77 sqm, 2 bedrooms (1 is master), 2 full bathrooms with shower. Open plan kitchen - fully equipped with new appliances (fridge, oven, stove, microwave, dishwasher). Double glazed aluminum windows for sound and heat insulation. Electric shutters. Construction year 1968. Renovation year November 2020. Balcony size 10M X 2M. Elevated ground floor (above ground level). AC units in all rooms. Brand new plumbing. Brand new electric works. Electric wiring around apartment for alarm. Brand new cupboards in bedrooms and in laundry area. High quality flooring (porcelain laser cut tiles). Brand new electric tents in balcony. High demand for rentals in this area (easy to rent out). Ready for delivery ??aµ???sµa p??? p???s? st? G??f?da, 80µ. ?p? t?? pa?a??a t?? G??f?da?. 1 ?ept? µe ta p?d?a ap? t? d??µ? ?eta?? (eµp????? ???t?? t?? G??f?da?). ? ?d???t?s?a: 77 tµ, 2 ?p??d?µ?t?a (1 e??a? master), 2 p???? µp???a µe ?t???. ?????t? ??????a - p????? e??p??sµ??? µe ??e? s?s?e??? (???e??, f??????, ??e?t???? ??????a, f?????? µ??????µ?t??, p???t???? p??t??). ??p?? t??µ?a a???µ????? ??a µ???s? ???? ?a? ?e?µ?t?ta?. ??e?t???? ????. ?t?? ?atas?e??? 1968. ?t?? a?a?a???s?? ???µß???? 2020. ???e??? µpa??????? 10M X 2M. ?pe????µ??? ?s??e?? (p??? ap? t? ?s??e??). ????de? AC se ??a ta d?µ?t?a. ????a???????a ?d?a?????. ????a???????a ??e?t???? ???a. ??e?t???? ?a??d??s? ???? ap