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2 chambres 92 mètres carrés

Immoweb code : 9268727


2 chambres
1 salle de bains
92 mètres carrés habitables
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Ground floor apartment with garden for sale in Marousi

Ground floor apartment with garden for sale in Marousi. 92 sqm, 5 minutes from train station, near the church of Ag. Anargyroi, in excellent condition, built in 2006, facade, bright, storage room, parking space, private garden. 2 bedrooms, open plan living room, kitchen, fireplace, autonomous heating with natural gas, alarm installation, security door, front and rear balcony, in an apartment building with few apartments. Energy profile: C ???e?ta? d?aµ???sµa ?s??e??? µe ??p? st? ?a???s?.92 tµ, 5 ?ept? ap? t?? ??e?t???? , ???t? st?? e????s?a ??. ?????????, se ???st? ?at?stas?, ?atas?e??? 2006 , p??s??e??, d?aµpe???, ap?????, ??s? st??µe?s??, ?d??t???? ??p??. 2 ?/?, e??a?? sa???? ??????a, t????, a?t???µ? ???µa?s? µe f?s??? a????, e??at?stas? s??a?e?µ??, p??ta asfa?e?a?, eµp??? ?a? p?s? µpa?????, se p????at????a µe ???a d?aµe??sµata. ??e??e?a?? ???s?: G