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1 chambre 50 mètres carrés

Immoweb code : 7813924
Immoweb code : 7813924


1 chambre
1 salle de bains
50 mètres carrés habitables
Disponible le : 01/12/2018
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4th floor apartment 50sq.m. , 600 metres close to METRO STATION of Anthoupolis Peristeri. Safety door, Alarm, fire place, aircondition in the living room, full equipted cuisine, individual heating. Large balcony covered by roof with outstanding view to the city of Athens and barbeque. Parking and storage room available. Suitable for Airbnb. Construction year 2008 Internal Fireplace: Yes, Secure door: Yes, Elevator: Yes External Balcony: Yes, Road type: Asphalt road Extra Storage space: Yes, Solar water heating: Yes, Alarm: Yes, View: Yes, Penthouse: Yes, Residential zone, Night power: Yes, Energy class: A, No agent fee for the buyer *************************************************** ?et???, ???f?d?aµ???sµa 4?? ???f?? 50 t.µ. p??s??? t?? Sta?µ?? ?et?? ?????p??? (600µ) ?a? p?ate?a?. ???t???a ?atas?e?? 2008, d?a??te? s??a?e?µ?, p??ta asfa?e?a?, ??e?t????? s?s?e??? ??????a?, ???f? f?t?sµ? st? sa???? ?a? t? µp????, t????, ???a?? ?e?µ?s?f??a, ???f?µata a???µ????? µe s?te?. ?pa????? 38t.µ. µe p??????a (?e?aµ?s?ep?), ??a p??? t? ???aß?tt? ?a? t?? ????p??? ?a??? ?a? ?t?st? barbeque. T?s? Parking ?a? ?p?????. ?t?? ?atas?e??? 2008 ?s?te???? ?a?a?t???st??? ?????: ?a?, ???ta asfa?e?a?: ?a?, ?sa?s??: ?a? ???te???? ?a?a?t???st??? ?e???ta: ?a?, ??d?? d??µ??: ?sfa?t?? ?p?p???? ?a?a?t???st??? ?p?????: ?a?, ???a??? ?e?µ?s?f??a?: ?a?, S??a?e?µ??: ?a?, T?a: ?a?, ?et???: ?a?, ????st??? ????, ???te???? ?e?µa: ?a?, ??e??e?a?? ???s?: ?, ????? µes?t??? aµ??ß? ??a t?? a???ast?