Duplex à vendre


4 chambres 160 mètres carrés

Immoweb code : 9095806


4 chambres
2 salles de bains
160 mètres carrés habitables
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Duplex for sale in Kastella/Piraeus

In the special area of ??Kastella and specifically in Profitis Ilias Piraeus, Ground floor and 1st floor for sale (with maisonette specifications and right to rise). Both floors consist of 2 bedrooms, kitchen, bathroom, living room and have air conditioners. On both floors there has been a change in electrical and plumbing. They have autonomous heating (oil), solar water heater. They can be connected to natural gas (a pipeline that passes in front of the property). The 1st floor has a fitted kitchen, electric shutters and the floors in all areas are wood, except the bathroom-kitchen where granite has been placed. On the ground floor the floors are tiled and the apartment has a boiler. The property is located at a distance of 450m. from Pasa limani and Al. Papanastasiou (Kastella - beach Votsalakia), supermarket and market Piraeus, tranportation and public services. St?? ?d?a?te?? pe????? t?? ?ast???a? ?a? s???e???µ??a st?? ???f?t? ???a ?e??a??, p??e?ta? ?s??e?? ?a? 1?? ???f?? (µe p??d?a??af?? µe????ta? ?a? d??a??µa st? ?????). ?a? ?? d?? ???f?? ap?te????ta? ap? 2?/d, ??????a, µp????, living room ?a? d?a??t??? ???µat?st???. ?a? st??? d?? ???f??? ??e? ???e? a??a?? se ??e?t???? ?a? ?d?a?????. ??a??t??? a?t???µ? ???µa?s? (pet???a??), ???a?? ?e?µ?s?f??a. ????? de d??at?t?ta s??des?? µe f?s??? a???? (a????? p?? pe???e? ap? µp??st? ap? t? a????t?). ? 1?? ???f?? d?a??te? e?t????sµ??? ??????a, ??e?t???? ???? ?a? ta d?peda se ????? t??? ?????? e??a? ????, e?t?? µp?????- ??????a? ?p?? ??