Appartement à vendre


2 chambres 75 mètres carrés

Immoweb code : 8516410


2 chambres
1 salle de bains
75 mètres carrés habitables
Disponible le : 14/12/2019
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Flat for sale in Peireas, Evaggelistria

Flat for sale in Peireas, Evaggelistria, on the 2nd floor, 75 sq.m, 2 bedrooms, 1 bathroom, central heating, solar water heater, screens on the doors, security door, alarm, awnings, balconies at the front and back, close to metro station, built: 1970, fully renovated: 2019 ???e?ta? ???f?d?aµ???sµa st?? ?e??a??, ??a??e??st??a, 2?? ???f?? 75tµ, 2 ?p??d?µ?t?a, 1 µp????, ?e?t???? ???µa?s?, ???a??? ?e?µ?s?f??a?, s?te?, p??ta asfa?e?a?, s??a?e?µ??, t??te?, µpa?????a µp??st? ?a? p?s?, ???t? st? st?s? µet??, ?t?sµ???: 1970, p????? a?a?a???sµ???: 2019