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2 chambres 51 mètres carrés

Immoweb code : 9349383
Immoweb code : 9349383


2 chambres
1 salle de bains
51 mètres carrés habitables
Étage : 2


Apartment for sale in Vrilissia

VRILISSIA Center, apartment 52 sq.m., 2nd floor, frontage, 2 bedrooms, construction '08, bathroom, autonomous heating, natural gas, air conditioning, security door, unrestricted view, pilot parking, rented, active. Ok. C, renovated, renovation '18. 2 bedrooms, open plan living room, kitchen, bathroom, terrace 18 sq.m. Located near the local market, public transport, primary school, gym. This is a very bright apartment with unobstructed views, low shared individual gas boiler, with constant hot water, energy windows, granite floors and pilot parking. Property suitable for investment with a yield of 5%. reference code: 4370758 ?????SS?? ???t??, ???f?d?aµ???sµa 52 t.µ., 2??, p??s??e??, 2 ?/d, ?atas?e?? '08, µp????, a?t???µ? ???µa?s?, f?s??? a? ???, ???µat?sµ??, p??ta asfa?e?a?, ape?????st? ??a, p????? p???t??, µ?s??µ???, e?e??. ??. G, a?a?a???sµ???, a?a?a???s? '18 . 2 ?p??d?µ?t?a, e??a?? ???? sa?????? ??????a?, µp????, ße???ta 18 tµ. ???s?eta? p??s??? t?p???? a?????, µ?s?? µa????? µetaf????, d?µ?t??? s???e??, ??µ?ast????. ????e?ta? ??a e?a p??? f?te??? d?aµe??sµa µe ape?????st? ??a, ?aµ??a ????????sta at?µ??? ??ß?ta f?s???? ae????, µe s??e??? ?est? ?e?? , e?e??e?a?a ???f?µata, dapeda ap? ??a??t? ?a? pa?????? p???t?. ?????t? ?at?????? ??a ep??d?s? µe ap?d?s? 5 %. ??d???? a?af???? : 4370758