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Attractive Commercial Office at the most visited area of Gre

Corner office, at ground floor in excellent condition, 7 minutes from Metro Station, about 20 minutes from Syntagma Square and very close to the Lycabettus ring road, with an independent entrance from 70, and a minimal participation in the common parts of the apartment building.Energy flexible working space with oak flooring. Itridou street formed in a pedestrian street with grove & parking.House extremely handsome, bright and quiet. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- G???a?? ?s??e?? ??afe?? se ???st? ?at?stas?,se ap?stas? µe ta p?d?a 7’ ap? t?? st?s? t?? ?et?? «???a?? ???s????»,pe??p?? 20’ ap? t?? p?ate?a S??t??µat?? ?a? p??? ???t? st?? pe??fe?e?a?? d??µ? t?? ???aß?tt??, µe a?e???t?t? e?s?d? ap? t?? ?d? S???d?a? 70 ?a? e????st? s?µµet??? sta ????????sta t?? p????at????a?.E??a??? e?????t?? ????? e??as?a? µe d????? d?ped?.?d?? ?at??d?? d?aµ??f?µ??? se pe??d??µ? µe ??s?? & ?????? st??µe?s??.????? e?a??et??? ?µ??f??, f?te???? ?a? ?s????.