Villa à vendre


3 chambres 1200 mètres carrés

Immoweb code : 8394222


3 chambres
4 salles de bains
1200 mètres carrés habitables
11380 mètres carrés de terrain
Disponible le : 10/10/2019


Villa for sale in Avlida

1,200 sq.m four-floor villa for sale. The plot, 11,380 sq. m., Is directly adjacent to the beach. garage for four cars connected via elevator to all floors. There are also two indoor gardens with a fireplace, a gym, two swimming pools, which have seawater and are heated. Two-level living room, seven meters high from the ceiling, and has a fireplace, sea view and central staircase to the second floor. three bedrooms, WITH balcony and sea view, four bathrooms, a large kitchen, two locker rooms ( cloakroom), and five utility rooms. BBQ, security cameras, alarm system, fire safety, air conditioning, gardens, terraces ???e?ta? ß??a tess???? ep?p?d?? 1.200 t. µ. ?? ????ped? , 11.380 t. µ. , ?e?t????e? µe t?? pa?a??a. ??a??? ??a t?sse?a a?t???? ?ta p?? µ?s? a?e???st??a s??d???ta? µe ????? t??? ???f??? t?? ?t?????. d?? es?te????? ??p?? µe t????, ??µ?ast????, d?? p?s??e? , p?? d?a??te? ?a?ass??? ?e?? ?a? ?e?µa??eta?. te??st?? , d?? , ep?p?d?? sa???? , ??e? t???? , ??a st? ???assa ?a? ?e?t???? s???a t?? de?te??? ???f?? . t?e?? ??eßat???µa?e? , ME µe???? µpa????? ?a? ??a st? ???assa , t?sse?a µp???a , µe???? ??????a , d?? d?µ?t?a © ?t????pe? ( ß?. ßest????? ) , ?a? p??te ß????t???? ?????. ??e?st? µp??µpe????, ??µe?e? asfa?e?a?, s??a?e?µ??, p??asfa?e?a, ???µat?sµ??, ??pe?, ße???te?