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4 chambres 280 mètres carrés

Immoweb code : 7813918
Immoweb code : 7813918


4 chambres
4 salles de bains
280 mètres carrés habitables
Disponible le : 01/01/2019


Detached House 280 m² for sale, built in 2000, with sea view and mountain view This property is already 280 sqm but it is possible to build 250 sqm more, on the exterior it is a detached house but on the interior it can be split into 2 separate apartments, one 180 sqm and one 100 sqm, luxurious construction with Dionysos marbles and good insulation, in very good condition, garden, close to bus stop ------------- ?????at????a 280 t.µ. p??? p???s?, ?t?? ?atas?e???: 2000 ??t? t? a????t? e??a? 280 t.µ. a??? e??a? d??at? ?a ????d?µ????? 250 t.µ. pe??ss?te??, e??te???? e??a? µ????at????a a??? e??a? d??at?? ?a ????ste? se 2 ?e????st? d?aµe??sµata (180 t.µ. + 100 t.µ), p???te???? ?atas?e??? µe µ??µa?a ?????s?? ?a? ?a?? µ???s?-???f?µata, se p??? ? a?? ?at?stas?, ??p??, ???t? se st?s? ?e?f??e???