Maison à vendre


4 chambres 180 mètres carrés

Immoweb code : 8258036


4 chambres
3 salles de bains
180 mètres carrés habitables
Disponible le : 24/07/2019


It consists of 3 levels of 100 sqm each, huge living room - dining room living room fireplace, 4 bedrooms, 1 open plan kitchen, 3 bathrooms, balcony, laundry room small courtyard autonomous oil heating air-condition in all garage rooms closed inside the pedestrian street special permit as well as alarm system Wooden wardrobes In all rooms with many storage spaces  depending on the needs of the new owner can remain a unique - neoclassical type - single family house or can be divided into 2 houses It is also suitable for a tourist business by creating a small boutique hotel with 3 independent suites ?p?te?e?ta? ap? 3 ep?peda 100 tµ t? ?a???a , te??st?? sa????- t?ape?a??a sa???? t????, 4 ?p??d?µ?t?a , 1 ??????a open plan, 3 µp???a,?pa?????, l aundry room µ???? es?te???? a??? a?t???µ? ???µa?s? pet?e?a??? air-condition se ??a ta d?µ?t?a ??a??? ??e?st? e?t?? t?? pe??d??µ?? µe e?d??? ?de?a ?a??? ?a? s?st?µa s??a?e?µ?? ?????e? ?t????pe? Se ??a ta d?µ?t?a µe p?????? ap????e?t????? ?????? a?????a µe t?? a????e? t?? ???? ?d???t?t? µp??e? ?a pa?aµe??e? µ?a µ??ad??? © ?e???as???? t?p?? © µ????at????a ? ?a ????ste? se 2 ?at????e? ?p?s?? e??a? ?at?????? ??a t????st??? e?µet???e?s? ft??????ta? ??a µ???? boutique hotel µe 3 a?e???t?te? s???te?