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24 chambres 500 mètres carrés

Immoweb code : 8237078
Immoweb code : 8237078


24 chambres
12 salles de bains
500 mètres carrés habitables


A complex of 12 traditional island residences is being sold

A complex of 12 traditional island residences is being sold in the northeastern coastal part of Skyros, under the country of Skyros. He is licensed by the Greek National Tourism Organization rental apartments. The building is approximately 500 square meters, with a building permit, connected to PPC and water supply. It is excellent construction with concrete pillars and masonry with bricks insulated in a plot of 1.5 acres (1500 square meters). 45 meters frontage and a depth of about 35 meters. In front of the complex there is asphalt leading to the filming beach 300 meters away. The beaches are smooth, composed of thick sand or fine chalk. The complex has two doors of 4 meters, entrance and exit of the garage, located in front of the apartm ents. The floor is made of concrete. Throughout the north side there are two pergolas with built-in seats, a small playground and marble table-tables. Traditional stone Skyrian floor. In the stone fence walls of the complex there is free space with planted trees (palm trees, mulberry trees, angels and flowers). All buildings from the East Front and North Rear are shaded by trees. The buildings are two-story, with internal marble staircase and 6 ground floor two-room apartments. On the north side (rear side) there is a marble corridor, and in the middle of the two buildings (a basement and a ground floor) under the staircase, there is a legitimate warehouse used for a washing machine, ironing. Residences: It's twelve. 9 two-floor two-floor a