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3 chambres 200 mètres carrés

Immoweb code : 7818053
Immoweb code : 7818053


3 chambres
3 salles de bains
200 mètres carrés habitables
330 mètres carrés de terrain
Disponible le : 31/10/2018


Sale Residential House 199sq.m, KIFISIA STROFYLI Residential house in excellent location in Strofyli, in a quiet street with nice houses, very close to the market and transportation. The ground floor consists of a living room with fireplace, kitchen, bathroom with shower and an auxiliary room. The first floor consists of 3 bedrooms, 1 small living room, 1 bathroom and 1 WC, while the second floor has a room, kitchen and a bathroom with a large terrace. In the basement there is a warehouse and a room with the heating system (petrol) and the boiler. The property area is 330sq.m. The parking is for 3 cars in the garden. ----------------------------------------- ???e?ta? ?at????a 199 t.µ., ??F?S?? S???F??? ?at????a se e?a??et??? t?p??es?a st ? St??f???, se ??a? ?s??? d??µ? µe ?µ??fa sp?t?a, p??? ???t? st?? a???? ?a? t? µetaf???. ?? ?s??e?? ap?te?e?ta? ap? ??a sa???? µe t????, ??????a, µp???? µe ?t??? ?a? ß????t??? d?µ?t??. ? p??t?? ???f?? ap?te?e?ta? ap? 3 ?p??d?µ?t?a, 1 µ???? ?a??st???, 1 µp???? ?a? 1 WC, e?? ? de?te??? ???f?? d?a??te? d?µ?t??, ??????a ?a? µp???? µe µe???? ße???ta. St? ?p??e?? ?p???e? µ?a ap????? ?a? ??a d?µ?t?? µe t? s?st?µa ???µa?s?? (ße?????) ?a? t? ??ß?ta. ?? a????t? e??a? 330t.µ. ? ????? st??µe?s?? e??a? ??a 3 a?t?????ta st?? ??p?.