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3 slaapkamers 125 vierkante meters

Immoweb code : 8997705
Immoweb code : 8997705


3 slaapkamers
3 badkamers
125 vierkante meters bewoonbare ruimte
Verdieping : 3


Apartment for sale in Ampelokipi, close to Panormou metro st

Apartment for sale in Ampelokipi, close to Panormou metro station. Fully reconstructed apartment 125 sqm, 3rd floor, with exact quality of construction in minimal style. It consists of a comfortable reception area, beautiful kitchen in open-plan layout, 3 bedrooms (one is a master), 2 bathrooms & WC, and storage-laundry. It has central heating with its own burner, oak floors, many closets, bathrooms with cement mortar and modern materials, double glazing, security door, awnings, many special constructions with hidden lighting - spots, etc. It is located in a central but quiet location. ???e?ta? d?aµ???sµa st??? ?µpe????p???, ???t? st? sta?µ? t?? µet?? ?a???µ??. ?????? a?a?atas?e?asµ??? d?aµ???sµa 125 tµ, 3?? ???f??, µe a???ß? p???t?ta ?atas ?e??? se µ???µa? ?f??. ?p?te?e?ta? ap? ??et? ???? ?p?d????, ?µ??f? ??????a se d??ta?? open-plan, 3 ?/? (t? ??a e??a? µ?ste?), 2 µp???a & WC, ?a? ap?????-laundry. ??a??te? a?t???µ? ???µa?s? µe d??? t?? ?a?st??a, d????a d?peda, p????? ?t????pe?, µp???a µe ts?µe?t?????e? ?a? µ??t???a ?????, d?p?? ???f?µata, p??ta asfa?e?a?, t??te?, p????? e?d???? ?atas?e??? µe ???f?? f?t?sµ??? - sp?t? ??p. ???s?eta? se ?e?t???? a??? ?s??? s?µe??.

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