Appartement te koop


3 slaapkamers 104 vierkante meters

Immoweb code : 9145955


3 slaapkamers
2 badkamers
104 vierkante meters bewoonbare ruimte
Verdieping : 3


Apartment for sale in Ilisia

Apartment for sale in Ilisia. 104 sq.m., 3rd floor , bright, facade, 3 bedrooms, construction '70, 2 bathrooms, central heating, air conditioning, security door, electric awnings, open horizon - overlooks Michalakopoulou, renovation '20. High standard apartment with excellent minimal renovation 2020. It consists of a large reception area, independent kitchen, fully equipped with built-in appliances, 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, internal storage inside the apartment. Front and rear terraces, double glazing, screens, electric shutters with central locking, electric awnings, air conditioners, solar water heater, security door, alarm, hidden lighting and many storage spaces. It is possible to rent a parking space. It is in a great location next to the market, restaurants, transport, within walking distance of the Concert Hall and Mavili Square, accessible on foot. ???S?? d?aµ???sµa 104 t.µ., 3??, d?aµpe???, p??s??e??, 3 ?/d, ?atas?e?? '70, 2 µp???a, ?e?t???? ???µa?s?, ???µat?sµ??, p??ta asfa?e?a?, ??e?t????? t??te?, a????t?? ??????ta? - ß??pe? st? ???a?a??p?????, a?a?a???s? '20. ??aµ???sµa ?????? p??d?a??af?? µe e?a??et??? minimal a?a?a???s? 2020. ?p?te?e?ta? ap? µe???? ???? ?p?d????, a?e???t?t? ??????a, p????? e??p??sµ??? µe e?t????sµ??e? ??e?t????? s?s?e???, 3 ?p??d?µ?t?a, 2 µp???a, es?te???? ap????? e?t?? t?? d?aµe??sµat??. ???a? p??s??e??, d?aµpe??? ?a? p??? f?te???. ??a??te? ße???te? µp??st? ?a? p?s?, d?p?? t??µ?a, s?te?, ??e?t???? ???? µe ?e?t???? ??e?d?µa, ??e?t????? t??te?, ?

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