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3 slaapkamers 230 vierkante meters

Immoweb code : 8727910
Immoweb code : 8727910


3 slaapkamers
2 badkamers
230 vierkante meters bewoonbare ruimte
240 vierkante meters grond


Beautiful maisonette for sale in Alimos

Maisonette in Alimos, built in 1995, on a plot of 240 sq.m., 3 levels plus an attic and has a total area of ??230 sq.m. level: elevated ground floor reception area and dining area. On the 3rd level, 1st floor, there are 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms, one of them with shower. Also one of the two rooms can be divided into two smaller ones.In the attic, there is an extra bright room and a small living room, as well as spaces that can be used as storage. It has terraces, awnings, a / c, fully equipped kitchen with island, autonomous oil per floor, parking space, solar water heater boiler, alarm. ?e????ta st?? ‘???µ? ?atas?e??? t?? 1995, ep? ????p?d?? 240 tµ. 3 ep?peda s?? s?f?ta ?a? ??e? s??????? ep?f??e?a 230 tµ. St? 1o ep?ped?: f?te??? ?µ??p??e? ?, ß??s?eta? µ?a p??? µe???? ??????a µe t?ape?a??a, 1 d?µ?t??, µp???? µe ?t??????a ?a? ap????e?t???? ?????.2o ep?ped?:?pe????µ??? ?s??e?? ????? ?p?d???? ?a? ? t?ape?a??a. St? 3o ep?ped?, 1?? ???f?? , ?p?????? 2 ?p??d?µ?t?a ?a? 2 µp???a, t? ??a e? a?t?? µe ?t??????a. ?p?s?? t? ??a e? t?? d?? d?µat??? µp??e? ?a ????ste? se d?? µ????te?a.St? s?f?ta, ?p???e? ??a ep?p???? f?te??? d?µ?t?? ?a? µ???? ?a??st???, ?a??? ep?s?? ?a? ????? p?? µp????? ?a ???s?µe?s??? ?? ap????e?t????.??a??te? ße???te?,t??te?,a/c, p????? e??p??sµ??? ??????a µe ??s?da, a?t???µ?a pet?e?a??? a?? ???f?,??s? st??µe?s??,???a?? ?e?µ?s?f??a,boiler,s??a?e?µ?.

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