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3 slaapkamers 87 vierkante meters

Immoweb code : 7897279
Immoweb code : 7897279


3 slaapkamers
1 badkamer
87 vierkante meters bewoonbare ruimte
600 vierkante meters grond
Beschikbaar vanaf : 24/12/2018


Nea Makri Attiki (near St. Efraim's monastery), detatched house (small villa) 87 sq.m., three bedrooms, large living room, two bathrooms, fully equipped (including dishes washing machine, clothes washing machine, electric kitchen, refrigerator, three air conditions and water heater), with a nice garden, lot size 600 sq.m., opposite to a park, parking lot, 15 minutes by car to the beautiful beaches of Schinias, in a very quiet area, near the mountain. ---------------------------------------- ??a ????? ?tt??? (???t? st? µ??ast??? t?? ????? ?f?a?µ), µe????ta 87 t.µ., t??a ?p??d?µ?t?a, µe???? sa????, d?? µp???a, p????? e??p??sµ??a (p???t???? p??t??, p???t???? ??????, ??e?t???? ??????a, ???e??, t??a ???µat?st??? ?a? ?e?µ?s?f??a), µe ??a?? ??p? 6 00 t.µ., ap??a?t? ap? p????, p???????, 15 ?ept? µe t? a?t?????t? st?? pa??µ??fe? pa?a??e? t?? S??????, se p??? ?s??? pe?????, ???t? st? ß????.

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