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2 slaapkamers 146 vierkante meters

Immoweb code : 7829447
Immoweb code : 7829447


2 slaapkamers
2 badkamers
146 vierkante meters bewoonbare ruimte
5500 vierkante meters grond
Beschikbaar vanaf : 11/11/2018


Living space of 80 sqm on the ground floor and 64 sqm on the first floor in a 5500 sqm plot, unobstructed panoramic view of the mountain & sea. The ground floor consists of a lounge-dining room with a fireplace, a large kitchen with a pantry, 1 bedroom and 1 bathroom. ?op floor has a living room with sm. kitchen (these can be turned into 2 large bedrooms with extra full bathroom), 1 bedroom and 1 bathroom, with perimetric verandas. There is a complete water filtration system for drinking water, solar water heater, autonomous heating in each floor, bbq, 40 sqm storage shed, stone paved 300sm patio and driveways. 2 outdoor seating areas east and west to enjoy the garden all hours of the day. The estate contains 70 olives and many fruit tr ees. 40 µ3 Watertank and connection to well water. Fenced in vegetable garden, storage shed and greenhouse as well as sheds for animal raising. An opportunity for those who love quiet living and only 3km from the center. ------------------- ????ped? 80 t.µ. st? ?s??e?? ?a? 64 t.µ. st?? p??t? ???f? se ????ped? 5500 tµ, a?eµp?d?st? pa???aµ??? ??a st? ß???? ?a? st? ???assa. ?? ?s??e?? ap?te?e?ta? ap? sa????-t?ape?a??a µe t????, µe???? ??????a µe ap?????, 1 ?p??d?µ?t?? ?a? 1 µp????. ??? ???f? ??e? ?a??st??? µe t????. ??????a (µp????? ?a µetat?ap??? se 2 µe???a ?p??d?µ?t?a µe ep?p???? µp????), 1 ?p??d?µ?t?? ?a? 1 µp????, µe pe??µet????? ße???te?. ?p???e? ??a p???e? s?st?µa f??t?a??sµat?? ?e??? ??a p?s?µ? ?e??, ???a??? ?e?µ?s?f??a?, a?t???µ? ??

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