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3 slaapkamers 165 vierkante meters

Immoweb code : 7815106
Immoweb code : 7815106


3 slaapkamers
1 badkamer
165 vierkante meters bewoonbare ruimte
Beschikbaar vanaf : 01/11/2018


?????at????a ???ad???a ????a?, ?s??e??, p??t?? ?a? de?te??? ???f??. ???a ( ??a master) ?p??d?µ?t?a, d?? µp???a ?a? ??a wc 165µet?a ep? ????p?d?? 220 µet??? ?t??? ?atas?e??? 1996 ?s??e???, p??t?? ? de?t??? ???f?? ???a ?p??d?µat?a e? t?? ?p???? ??a master ??? µp???a ?a? ??a wc ?e? d?a??te? asa?s?? ?e? d?a??te? pa????. St? ?s??e?? ß??s?eta? sa???? , t?ape?a??a , ??????a e??a?a ?a? e?a µe t?? ??p? ? ?p???? ß??s?eta? pe??µet???a. St?? p??t? ß??s?eta? t? master bedroom ?a? e?a ???? ??afe??? /?a??st???? ?a? st?? de?te?? ta a??a d?? ?p??d?µat?a µe t? µp????. **************************** Detached house Pigadakia Voula, Ground floor, first and second floor. Three (one master) bedrooms, two bathrooms and one wc 165 meters over 220 meters of land Year of construction 1996 First, first and second floor Three bedrooms of which one master Two bathrooms and one toilet No elevator It does not have a parking lot. At the ground floor there is a lounge, a dining room, a kitchen and a garden with a perimeter. The master bedroom and an office / seating area are at the front and the other two bedrooms with the bathroom.

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